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Home EV Charger Installation Beaconsfield: The Benefits of Installing EV Charging Stations in Your Home in Beaconsfield

The future is electric. As electric vehicles become more affordable and the UK government keeps on supporting its adoption and infrastructure, more people, including those in Beaconsfield, are opting for electric vehicles. As a homeowner it’s easy to get a charging point installed and as a landlord or property manager in Beaconsfield, it may be time to think about installing EV charging stations in your residential building. Most EV drivers usually prefer to charge their vehicles at home.

Therefore, having EV charging stations in your blocks is a great way to provide your tenants with an additional benefit. As a landlord there are also Government grants available towards the cost of the chargers and the installation. Here are a couple more reasons you should consider installing home EV charging points in your apartment blocks.

Make Your Apartments More Attractive

As we mentioned above, most EV drivers usually prefer to charge their cars at home. Therefore when searching for a flat in Beaconsfield, an EV driver will typically look for a flat with an EV charging station. And considering that the number of EV drivers are quickly increasing, EV charging points are a great way to attract more tenants to your apartment.

An Additional Revenue Stream

One of the greatest benefits of installing EV charging stations in your blocks is that you can charge your tenants or even outsiders to use them. Therefore, by controlling who has access to your EV charging points, landlords and property managers can create additional revenue streams.

Increase Your Property Value

Electric vehicles are currently becoming a big deal all over the country, particularly with rise in fuel costs and general cost of living. In fact, from 15th June 2022 laws have been introduced that mean new home must be built with EV charging points installed.

At the moment there is also evidence that having a home EV charger installed can increase the property value so whether you’re a homeowner or a landlord in Beaconsfield or throughout Buckinghamshire, now is the time to consider installing EV chargers.

Our team is ready to help you figure out the right EV charger for your home. We offer you affordable and safe options that offer fast charging right from the comfort of your own home.