Electric Car chargers for home use from £625

Smart and affordable electric car chargers for home from £625. Find out how much it would cost to get your home EV charge point installed.

EV Charger

3 steps to get your EV home charger installation


Complete our online quote form and answer a few questions to get you going


Receive your free no obligation quote, ask any questions and accept it if you’re happy


We’ll then arrange a time with you to complete the installation and any additional paper work

Why should you install a home EV charge point?


A home EV charge point allows you to charge your EV when it’s convenient meaning you’re always charged and ready to go.


Home charge points can charge at a range of speeds allowing for fast, safe charging.


Home EV charge points mean you can charge your EV cheaply and you may also be eligible for a £350 grant towards to cost on installation.

Smart charging

Smart EV chargers allow you to take advantage of cheaper energy tariffs, safely charging your vehicle over night.

Easy and convenient electric car chargers for home

We install home electric car charge points, for all electric cars (BHEV) and plug-in hybrid cars (PHEV) and you could also get up to £350 off the cost of the installation as part of the government backed OZEV grant scheme.

Do you qualify for the grant?
  • You need to have off street parking
  • You need to provide evidence of ownership or lease or have an eligible vehicle on order
  • Your charger needs to be on the OZEV list of approved chargers
  • Your EV charge point must be installed by an OZEV approved installer