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EV Charger Installation Marlow: The Installation Process

Electric Car Charging Installation | Easy EV Charge PointsWhile the home electric car charger installation process can seem difficult to understand, we are here to provide you with unbiased information, helping you to understand what to expect when installing a home electric car charger in Marlow. There are a few things to consider that will help us ensure you are able to get a home electric car charger installed safely. To get an EV charger installed in Marlow, you must:

  • You need to own the property or have permission from your landlord to install the EV charger
  • You need to have off-street parking
  • You need to have a good WiFi connection. Internet connectivity for chargers has been a legal required since 30th June 2022 and if WiFi is not available, they can also be hard wired

The Process

1. Site Survey
Once you contacted us we are going to require a site survey.  This enables us to understand your existing electrical installation and further work required to ensure the charger can be installed safely. The most common way to conduct a site survey is through a series of photographs or videos, which you will provide us with. Depending on the complexity of the installation, we may decide to visit your home and this will ensure that as much information can be collected and an accurate quote produced for you. That quote will then be sent to you for approval and if accepted, a convenient date arranged for the electric car charger installation.

2. Installing The Charger
On the date of installation, we will confirm with you the best position to place your EV charger, based on your power supply, and how you park your car. We will then fix your charger, run cables and install any necessary safety equipment. We will also need to turn off your power supply to be able to safely connect your charger, this part usually takes less than an hour. After your EV charger is installed, we will conduct all the required safety tests. Once complete we’ll help you download and setup the EV charger app taking you through the process of how to use your charger. Usually, the installation process will usually take up approximately 3-4 hours.

3. What Next
Following the installation, we will carry out the necessary notifications to the Distribution Network Operators (DNO) and supply you with a copy of the electrical installation and building regulations certificates.

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